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Originated from North America, Beaver tail leather is well-known for having high durability and an original detailed surface. 

Available in various colors, we also offer French Patina style beaver made in our workshop here in Montreal. 

This material is priced at $210

French Patina beaver is $225

Padding is $15

Greyish Navy Matte

French Patina Beaver Tail with blue stitching on Luminor Marina Panerai

Burgundy Beaver with white stitching on Navitimer Breitling

Black Matte Beaver with grey stitching on Ulysse Nardin

Yellow Beaver Tail

Orange Beaver tail

Cognac Beaver Tail

Red Beaver Tail

Burgundy Beaver Tail

Blue Beaver Tail

Forest Green Beaver Tail

Black Beaver Tail

Black Matte Beaver Tail

Grey Matte Beaver Tail

Royal Blue Matte Beaver Tail